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The ‘Alone’ Finale Left Us Feeling Heartbroken


Amidst all of my talk of beaver hunting, yurt construction, and teary-eyed moments of wilderness catharsis, I sometimes forget that Alone is, indeed, a competition. And, similar to a football game or a roller derby match, the outcome of Alone can occasionally feel devastating, akin to seeing your team lose in overtime on a last-second score.

Spoilers ahead. Such is the case with season nine, which wrapped up its final episode on Thursday night. After 65 days in the wilds of Labrador, just two extremely worthy finalists remained: Juan Pablo Quiñonez, a 30-year-old Mexican native living in Manitoba, and Karie Lee Knoke, a 57-year-old wilderness teacher from Idaho. Last week I wrote about my affection for Knoke, so you can guess who I was rooting for as the hourlong episode reached its zenith.

I cannot lie: I got extremely verklempt as I watched Knoke phone rescuers and tap out on day 75. I…

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