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Study Characterizes Major Sandstorm Using Optical Technology

In a study published in the journal Remote Sensing, the researcher observed dust in Jinan, China, to investigate a strong sandstorm. They used MODIS, MPL lidar, EDM 180, ADI 2080, meteorological observation instruments, and the HYSPLIT model to find the source.

Study: Characterizing a Heavy Dust Storm Event in 2021: Transport, Optical Properties and Impact, Using Multi-Sensor Data Observed in Jinan, China. Image Credit: Omer koclar/

Sandstorm Overview

Eolian erosion in dry and semi-arid regions causes dust aerosols to be released. These dust aerosols are vertically injected into the atmosphere to travel great distances. Mineral dust is the most prevalent component in atmospheric aerosol when measured in terms of its dry aerosol mass.

Dust particles play a significant function in the atmospheric radiation budget and hydrological cycles due to their radiative and cloud condensation nucleus effects. These effects…

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