Friday, August 19, 2022
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Why this is the region to head to right now

In Asia, you can encounter orang-utans and snow leopards, plunge into raucous cities or escape to tranquil islands, immerse yourself in wilderness or in old and sophisticated cultures. You can find balmy climates and warm waters, world-class hotels and bargain resorts, outrageous festivals and nightlife. Who hasn’t missed the restaurants, the street stalls and the food markets?

While tourists have charged back to Europe, there appears to have been no similar rush to Asia. Perhaps our hesitation may be partly due to some lingering pandemic restrictions across the region and because indoor mask-wearing remains mandatory in most places, unlike in a more laissez-faire Europe.

True, tourism in big ticket Asian nations like China and Japan remains restricted, casting a misleading shadow over perceptions of Asian tourism as a whole. There has,…

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