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Lessons from ‘Alone’ – The Citizen

There’s a reality show on television that is about to begin its 10th season. The show is called, “Alone,” and has to be one of the more brutal programs for those who are participants.

The premise is this: Ten people, who are, to one extent or another, survival experts, are dropped off in a remote location miles from each other. They are in total isolation. No phone, no electronic communications of any kind, with only an emergency phone to “tap out” if they can no longer continue.

They can take ten items from an approved list and a few other items supplied by the program, such as a first aid kit, a life jacket, but few other items. They are dropped off with no food or water and must feed themselves, build a shelter, find water, and attempt to survive as long as possible. Locations thus far have been Vancouver Island in Canada, the Arctic, Patagonia in South America, and…

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