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HomeTravel: Get in to Shanghai from Outside of China in 2022

[How To]: Get in to Shanghai from Outside of China in 2022

The journey to China is not easy these days but it can be done. We did it this summer. This guide is based on our personal experiences, conversations with quarantine hotel staff and neighborhood committees, and digging around the Internet.

We tried to cover everything here, but the rules differ so much by country and circumstance that we’re giving you the broad outline – roughly what to expect on this odyssey – and then suggest that you refer to the specific policies for your country. Also, full disclaimer: some of this info may be outdated by the time you read this.

You too can probably get here if you have the right visa, stacks of money, and you follow these three tips:

1. Check your local Chinese Consulate or Embassy’s website for the latest policies. You can usually find those on the “Important Notice” tab.

2. Email your local Chinese Consulate or Embassy and ask if…

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