Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Vital clues shed light on avian migration routes

Beijing Swifts are observed at the Summer Palace. CHU JIANMEI/FOR CHINA DAILY

Study shows intercontinental flight paths of the Beijing Swift for first time

In late spring, Yuan Xuejun, who works in an office near the Zhengyang Gate in Beijing, loves hearing the sharp, clear notes of birds in the sky.

She is frequently distracted from her work by their chirping, and takes numerous photos of them against the backdrop of the gate.

Each year, the birds appear in the spring, before migrating in the autumn.

Yuan, 56, an associate researcher at the Beijing Central Axis Heritage Protection Center, said: “I wondered where they headed for the winter. I am so grateful for the chance to fully appreciate the birds and enjoy their boundless energy.”

In late June, a study published in the international journal Movement Ecology showed the migration routes and preferred habitats of migratory birds for the first…

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