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The bond of two teams, two towns ‘bigger than basketball’

The Dayton shooter – a 24-year-old white man from Bellbrook who, like his Buffalo counterpart, was wearing body armor and firing a semi-automatic assault weapon – was momentarily slowed by Jeremy Ganger, the bouncer at Ned Peppers, and then killed on the bar’s doorstep by police.

When the shooter began his 32-second rampage, people on Fifth Street, at Ganger’s urging, scrambled into the already crowded bar. It’s been estimated some 200 people were inside when the shooter made his dash for the door.

One of those inside was Red Scare forward Trey Landers, then a University of Dayton basketball player.

Outside on Fifth Street, Ryan Mikesell, another Red Scare player who also was a UD player then, was with two Flyers teammates. They had just been in line at a taco stand set up on the sidewalk in front of Blind Bob’s bar.

They had called an Uber and were maybe 30 feet from the stand when the gunman stepped out of a walkway from the alley…

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