Friday, August 12, 2022
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Khmer influence growing in Hollywood after artists find successes

“We had a lot of conversations to make it authentic,” said the actress, who is also an energetic patron of the Cambodia International Film Festival (CIFF).

“To have – for the first time on broadcast TV – a lead character that is Cambodian, really it felt like I’m seen fully. It’s part of my roots. I’m also French but I feel like I have a little banner and I’m proud of that,” she added.

According to a 2021 Pew Research Centre report, the Asian population in the US is projected to surpass 46 million by 2060.

The Cambodian population in the US reached 339,000 in 2019. A Pew Research Centre fact sheet showed that just 13 per cent of Cambodian-Americans and 10 per cent of the Asian-American population were living in poverty in 2019.

Fifty-eight per cent of adult Cambodians and 72 per cent of all Asians are English proficient, making the language barrier one disadvantage for some Asian immigrants to the US.

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