Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Blockchain platform SORA announced launch XOR currency in Sri Lanka

  • SORA’s objective is to become a usable currency for both users on Earth as well as the Metaverse
  • SORA platform currency is governed by a Parliamentary system that has multiple bodies with clear separation of powers, and where the members are chosen randomly from the SORA Citizen population.
  • XOR transactions are fast and cheap, costing a fraction compared to existing payment service providers such as credit cards, all while enabling cross-border, global, remittances.

XOR – a blockchain-based currency under SORA – a blockchain-platform that holds XOR (the currency code for the cryptocurrency SORA) announced the launch of the cryptocurrency in Sri Lanka in July 2022.

SORA (XOR) isn’t owned by any single nation or individual, but belongs to all of its users, and is designed as a new economic system for a new world, that will eliminate the pitfalls of current monetary policies, combat the…

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