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Amelia’s ticket to ride across Mongolia

Widgee woman Amelia Olsen crossed Mongolia in unconventional means recently on the adventure of a lifetime on the Great Nomad tour.

Amelia Olsen

Widgee woman, Amelia Olsen took off for a once in a lifetime expedition to mystical Mongolia, land of ancient tribesmen and legendary conquerors.

Here she tells of her amazing journey in her own words:

When I called my mum and told her that I had booked a trip to Mongolia, there was a big pause in the conversation.

She replied with, “Only you would be crazy enough to ride a reindeer across the country sandwiched between China and Russia right now, Amelia!”

The Great Nomad Expedition was the first one of its kind – ten women from across the world rode 1200 kilometres on four different animals – camels through the Gobi Desert, yaks in what felt like a medieval dream through the mountains, horses across the wide-open Steppe-grasslands and…

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