Friday, August 12, 2022
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What will happen to Russian gas in the near future?

  • The West, particularly the Eurozone countries, plan to stop using Russian gas soon and are now focused on looking for alternatives.
  • As for Russia, that nation also has its export plans to other countries willing to negotiate with it.
  • The idea that Russia will enter a crisis when Europe stops buying its resources seems to be losing steam due to Moscow’s preemptive actions.

Europe will stop buying Russian natural gas and then Moscow will have no one to sell it to and that will lead to a crisis. That seems to be the urban belief of what will happen in this economic struggle between the two nuclear blocs. But the reality goes far beyond that assumption, since Russia has been preparing for years for such a scenario.

A war would bring consequences and hostile acts from European countries towards Russia, and the Slavic country’s authorities were well aware of this. Hence, the failure of many sanctions would be determined not because they…

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