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The world’s top 10 “carbon bombs” and their climate impact

Much has been done by countless people, organizations, businesses and leaders to stave off the effects of climate change. Over decades, concerned individuals have changed their diets, switched to renewable energy, taken organized action and invested money in a desperate bid to save future generations from the hardships of living in a world heated beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius.

But these efforts could be derailed by massive fossil fuel projects either planned or already running.

This May, The Guardian published an in-depth article introducing readers to “carbon bombs” – fossil fuel projects planned or in operation that over their lifetime will release more than 1 gigaton of carbon dioxide emissions. (For reference, 1 ton of carbon dioxide is approximately equivalent to the emissions from a single passenger flying from Paris to New York; a gigaton is a billion of these flights.) Although the Guardian article only included oil and…

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