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Excerpts Translated From Chinese History Schoolbooks

JIANGXI CHINA – September 30, 2013: “Jiujiang, East China, primary school students play police, reporters, nurses, photography models, and firefighters, experiencing all the hard work and fun.” (Copyright (c) 2017 humphery/Shutterstock


The MEMRI Chinese Media Studies Project (CMSP) was launched in late 2020 to provide both high-quality translations and fresh analysis on a wide spectrum of Chinese-language content coming from the People’s Republic of China (PRC). This content includes, but is not limited to, reports on military, political and ideological developments; commentary by regime officials on the West, particularly on the U.S.; and broader Chinese interactions with other important countries and regions.

This MEMRI project, which builds on over two decades of work in other languages, expanded in 2022 to an ongoing examination of the Chinese government’s educational system, investigating the PRC’s official textbooks for…

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