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On heels of world silver, Canada’s 3×3 basketball women want increased support from federation

The draw of 3×3 basketball is right there in the name — three players on the court per side, a departure from the sport’s typical 5-on-5 format.

But when Canada’s women won silver at the World Cup last month, they did so with a much smaller team than their opponent.

Katherine Plouffe, one of Canada’s players, said France’s gold-medal squad had “about eight” staffers “including physios, medical people, analysts and coaches and stuff like that.”

Conversely, Canada’s entourage consisted of four players, one physiotherapist and Ron Yeung, Canada Basketball’s director of domestic and 3×3 basketball. Additionally, two performance analysts were working from home.

“So bringing home second at a World Cup, I hope it shows Sport Canada [and] Own The Podium that Canadian women have huge potential to medal at the Olympics,” Plouffe said.

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