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Long Lost Palace of Genghis Khan’s Grandson Found in Turkey

Turkish and Mongolian scientists may have found the remains of a long-lost Khan palace in eastern Turkey that they believe was built by Genghis Khan’s grandson, Hulagu Khan. Hulagu Khan was the ruler of the short-lived Ilkhanid state in the 1260s AD. A report in Live Science stated that archaeologists working at the Van Province excavation site near Çaldıran probably found the historically documented Khan palace, which was constructed between 1260-1265.

The Turkish Hulagu Khan Palace and the Ilkhanate State

Hulagu Khan (reigned 1256-1265) is notoriously associated with the brutal sacking of Baghdad in 1258, which destroyed much of the city and its rich historical heritage. The Khan’s wrath on the city resulted in the destruction of the Grand Library of Baghdad, which contained countless manuscripts and books on mathematics, astronomy, physics, philosophy from the Islamic Golden Age (8th century onward). After Baghdad was sacked,…

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