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Review: Mr Jones – The Man Who Knew Too Much

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Jon Gower

Before he was mysteriously murdered in Mongolia on the eve of his 30th birthday the Welsh investigative journalist Gareth Jones had lived a concertina of extraordinary life, squeezing in experiences and explorations that reflected great personal energy and deep intelligence, coupled with a communicable joie de vivre.

He worked for former Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, met the likes of US President Herbert Hoover and hyper-influential newspaper magnates Lord Beaverbrook and William Randolph Hearst.

This exceptionally bright young man – able to speak five languages and blessed with a rare ability to analyse foreign affairs in depth – was also an alert-eyed witness to some of the 20th century’s shaping events, from the vicissitudes of the Depression in New York through the tightening of Mussolini’s grip on Italy to the rise and rise of the…

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