Friday, August 12, 2022
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Meet the women exploring the world

Daring, adventurous travel was once perceived as a male-dominated pursuit, but that view has changed over the years and older women are leading the charge.

“More free time and fewer responsibilities mean you can focus once again on yourself and create new life experiences, and travel is one activity that does just that,” says psychologist Javier Labourt. “It brings together self-knowledge, adventure, enjoyment and personal growth, all of which are important factors for health, wellbeing and resilience as you age.”

And women are going it alone, too. Research found that 71 per cent of Aussies have travelled solo, of which half are women. Where once female travellers were viewed as risk-takers, a shift in attitudes means they’re now seen as adventurous.

Labourt adds that when you embrace adventure whether solo, as a couple or with friends, it gives you a boost of courage because…

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