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A dragon-shaped jade carving unearthed from the Niuheliang Ruins Photo: IC

Hongshan Culture: earliest civilization found in Northeast China

In autumn 1983, deep inside the rolling hills of Northeast China’s Liaoning Province archaeologists were unearthing a clay sculpture at the Niuheliang Ruins excavation site, the center of the Hongshan Culture. 

The Hongshan Culture, existing around 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, is one of the earliest cultures that existed in Northeast China.

As the dirt on the sculpture was brushed off, a human-size head of a woman was revealed to everyone. 

As more soil layers were excavated at the site, the ruins of a temple were revealed. The female figure was located in the western section of the temple. Based on the clay sculpture, the archaeologists named this location atop the mountain the “Goddess Temple.” Experts speculated that this was most likely a temple used to make sacrifices at the time.

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