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About The Greater Yellowstone-Teton Ecosystem

Swimming area at the junction of the Boiling River and the Gardiner River. Bathers can pick the temperature of their choice. At the junction, water is very hot. Pools further down the Gardiner are successively cooler. Photo by Stephen Earl Williams

Winter view south along the road to the south gate of Yellowstone. The Teton Massive is on the far horizon. Photo by Stephen Earl Williams

Yellowstone National Park 

At 16, I was in Yellowstone National Park (YNP) for the first time with my family.  

That was in 1964. We camped at Bridge Bay, rented a boat and fished in Yellowstone Lake, ate fish caught there, saw moose, elk, and thermal features. While in the park, our family stopped at Moose Falls on Crawfish Creek, which is just off the road a few miles into the Park from the South Entrance. It’s a beautiful falls, with a deep pool at the base and shards and stones of obsidian throughout the adjacent woods.  

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