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Cambodia, Thailand up cross-border KHQR code transactions

Having said that, Sakhon noted that “only two to 10 per cent” of agricultural products are processed, highlighting that the private sector still faces a host of challenges that need to be jointly addressed, such as power supply and logistics instabilities, and a lack of warehousing and cold storage facilities as well as drying silos.

“They do not meet the actual demand. This must be addressed in a timely and effective manner,” he said.

At the launch of AFID, Hun Lak, CEO of Rich Farm Asia Ltd, reiterated that Cambodia has problems with high production costs and a shortage of skilled labour, which require the government’s consideration.

“In order to woo local and foreign investors to invest in this sector, it is necessary to have better local infrastructure and training for skilled workers,” he said.

Between its inception in 1994 and June 30, CDC approved about 400 investment projects in agriculture, agro-industry and food…

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