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APPRECIATIONS | Print Edition – The Sunday Times, Sri Lanka


A fearless professional he cared two hoots for politicians

Gomin Dayasri

Gomin was brilliant. Often his brilliance was masked by his eccentricity, brutal, fearless and refreshing candour. And after a few sips of the cup that cheers he was a raconteur who affably electrified the grid of the many friends(and even some foes) who would command his attention, for the mix of his many attributes.

“I insist you come to my house for a bite,” he once wrote. “Please bring your wife as my wife will have company and we will have the freedom to talk of men and mice!” And we did talk, for he did not mince his words or thoughts!

Here are some insights which speaks to the quality of the man who refused many an overture from heads of state to post him abroad, presumably to keep the restless attorney at bay!

“I travel every two…

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