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Things to know before traveling to South Korea

Has any country gained as much cachet in recent years as South Korea?

Once overlooked by travelers headed to its bigger East Asian neighbors, the country is turning into an obsession for many, thanks to its cutting-edge technology, trendy cuisine, the world’s biggest pop bands and some of the most exciting movies and TV series being made anywhere. 

Add to all this centuries of tradition and copious natural blessings, all in a country scarcely larger than Ireland, and you’ve got one of the planet’s great travel destinations.

Safe, friendly and possessing superb infrastructure, this is a truly easy – not to mention rewarding – place to explore. Read on for tips to make your visit even easier: all you need to know before your trip to South Korea.

Complete your pre-trip registration 3 days before your flight

Most travelers – including citizens of the US, Australia and the UK – can visit South Korea visa-free for up to 90 days…

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