Friday, August 12, 2022
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Travelling in summer is becoming more and more uncomfortable, especially if it is for work. If, in addition, they lose your suitcase, they make you want to stay at home. Denis Vieru, the judo magician, had a bad moment at an airport and has had to wear the same clothes for two days. For a judoka, losing a suitcase is like losing a child in a supermarket. To our amazement, Vieru did not seem upset. While trying on a judogi provided by the International Judo Federation, the Moldovan was impassive, calm, sure that if a meteorite fell on Earth tomorrow he wouldn’t move a muscle. What cold blood, we take off our hat.

Denis Vieru

Vieru went out on the tatami in borrowed clothes and if he was angry or more determined, it was impossible to tell because his body language remains unchanged in combat, at a bar counter or in line before boarding a plane. However, in the end,…

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