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What makes Bangladesh one of the world’s saddest nations?

Unfortunately, these results won’t cheer Bangladeshis up either as we are ranked 94th on the list. We know that our government attaches the highest importance to making our country a high-growth economy, raising per capita GDP, and graduating to a developing country. So, where do we stand after a decade-long pursuit for economic prosperity and well-being of the people? Besides GDP and life expectancy, among other things, Gallup questions included, “Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your freedom to choose what you do with your life?” and “Is corruption widespread throughout the government/businesses in this country or not?” Would one be mistaken in concluding that lack of freedom and widespread corruption, both in public and private sectors, are the reasons that keep us stuck in the lower rankings of global indices?

Other nations faring as badly as ours in the ranking of sadness or unhappiness are mostly known to be entangled in…

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