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Rose root – the Viking botanical of strength and endurance

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Beautiful Botanicals by Joanne Howdle

Rhodiola rosea also known as rose root or artic root

The genus Rhodiola consists of over 200 species and is part of the Crassulacea family of succulent plants. The genus comprises at least 20 species used in the traditional medicine of China, India, Russia and Scandinavia.

These species have a long and enduring history as a herbal adaptogen because of their outstanding stress-protective and immune boosting qualities. The best-known species is Rhodiola rosea, commonly known as the ‘rose root’ – literally because the wooded root of the botanical is rose-scented.

This hardy perennial is typically found growing in the crevices of mountain rocks and on sea cliffs. The rose root grows in cold regions, including the Arctic and Siberia, and the coastal regions of Northern Asia, Northern Europe, North America and the British Isles.

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