Political Flag Day is commemorated annually on July 10. It’s also known as State Flag Day and is the main state holiday in Mongolia. It’s marked by government-sponsored events such as a military parade and a flag-raising ceremony that takes place on Sükhbaatar Square in the capital of Ulaanbaatar.

History of Political Flag Day

Today’s Mongolian flag is made up of different elements. The blue color stripe represents the sky and the red bands portray the strength of Mongolia. The golden Soyombo symbol is placed on the red area closest to the flagpole. Within the Soyombo, other shapes represent fire, the golden sun and moon on Xiongnu, two triangles, two horizontal rectangles, the yin and yang symbol, and two vertical rectangles. This symbol appears not only on the national flag but it’s considered as a symbol of the Mongolian People’s Army as well.