Sunday, August 7, 2022
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We are taking special care of this category. They are in general tall, fast and powerful, the ones who make noise when falling and we like the sound of a body falling when it means ippon.

Of those present, the good news was the reappearance of the Olympic champion, Shori Hamada. The bad news, for the Japanese, was that she lost in her first match since Tokyo 2020, against Alice Bellandi. Now Hamada knows that during her absence, the others have not wasted their time. We are going to talk about Bellandi because her case is especially interesting. When she was at -70kg, she was hungry and our transalpine sources have confessed this to us. Now, with more kilos and a more tolerant diet, the Italian is more comfortable and we are told that she is of supernatural strength. She scored waza-ari against a Hamada whose attitude ranged from surprise to jet-lagged. She is an expert in…

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