Friday, August 12, 2022
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China Wants Its Very Own X-37B Top Secret Space Plane

Coming Soon: China builds its own X-37B? China, known for matching the United States step-by-step with military hardware that mimics American systems, wants to have its own space plane and two concepts have emerged. 

One would be a reusable mini-craft like the U.S. Space Force X-37B, and the other would be something out of a sci-fi novel – a space vehicle that is a kilometer long. The small spaceplane has been successfully tested but it is not clear if it could make it all the way to earth’s orbit. The mega-spacecraft is part of a proposed five-year study and is likely still on the drawing board. 

China’s Mini-Craft Is Sub-Orbital 

Let’s examine the mini-craft first. It is reportedly sub-orbital much like Virgin Galactic’s program for space tourists that is boosted with a horizontally-launched mated climb. Then it gives travelers the sense of microgravity and glides back to earth shortly after.’s Jeff…

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