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Helping Through ADV / Ride Hard, Do Good: Rally For Rangers

One of the nice things about writing for ADVRider is the “other” opportunities I get. Being a writer brings with it some perks, one of which is meeting some fascinating and motivational people. And this happened to me recently while I was at Americade and learned about the Rally for Rangers organization.

I had been asked to participate in a round table discussion with a group of people who have riding in their blood. One of my fellow group members was Rally for Rangers co-founder, Tom Medema.

Tom Medema

Tom is a U.S. Park Ranger currently stationed in Washington, DC. He’s had posts all over the country in some of the most beautiful US National Parks. Tom’s job has allowed him to see and understand the workings of different national parks worldwide. Unfortunately, he found that many park rangers around the world are under-equipped to do their jobs properly. In addition, he found that although the rangers had a lot of…

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