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Swish, squeeze and shave: how to care for delicate cashmere | Australian lifestyle

Cashmere is one of the only things about winter I like. I will always take sunshine, heat and slow afternoons over brisk mornings and dark skies.

But, from a charcoal turtleneck I’ve worn so much one of the elbows is wearing thin, to a cream scarf that is still beautiful despite a few moth holes, my favourite cashmere garments make winter more bearable.

Here, some experts explain how to ensure your favourite cashmere pieces last a long time.

Washing cashmere

Like merino wool or other animal hair fibres, cashmere has a waxy coating, so it doesn’t need to be laundered frequently. It should also never be washed using hot water or in the washing machine as both can cause it to shrink.

Mary Poulakis, the managing director of Harrolds, says “traditionally, cashmere should be very carefully hand-washed”. She recommends doing this by filling the laundry sink with lukewarm water, mixing in some baby shampoo or specific cashmere wash and…

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