Friday, August 12, 2022
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Famed Hong Kong author Ni Kuang dies aged 87

Hong Kong author Ni Kuang (倪匡), who was known throughout the Chinese-speaking world for his Wisely (衛斯理) series of science-fiction adventure novels, died on Sunday at the age of 87.

Hong Kong media reported that Ni — the author of hundreds of novels and story collections, as well as more than 300 film scripts — had been in poor health and made only a few public appearances in the past few years.

Born in Shanghai in 1935, Ni began working at the age of 16 as a public security official in Inner Mongolia under China’s communist government.

Photo: CNA

At the age of 22, he was caught dismantling a wooden bridge to use as fuel amid a shortage of heating coal, and was sent to a corrective labor camp on an isolated farm.


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