Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Bike wheels keep on turning for clean air

Paula Eber of Bainbridge Island has had asthma her entire life.

So if she can make the transition to riding a bicycle to get around, she figures you can, too. “When you ride your bike – you just did something for the environment,” she said. “I also want people to realize that if I can bike, carrying a bag full of inhalers due to my asthma, anyone can ride a bicycle.”

And ride she does. In 2002 her family went on a 10,000-mile bike trip around the world to raise awareness about asthma and the need for clean air and sustainable transportation.

After finally finishing a book about that trek 20 years later — and realizing people still aren’t taking Climate Change seriously enough — she and husband Lorenz Eber are setting off on another 2,000-mile trip. This one will take them along the West and East Coasts to promote their book, and raise awareness about asthma and clean air.

“This isn’t a done…

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