Friday, August 19, 2022
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Eight myths about tours, busted

When it comes to prejudice, touring is the Mr Darcy of the travel world, viewed with unthinking suspicion and scorn. No other form of travel except cruising is so automatically dismissed and ultimately misunderstood.

Touring isn’t watered-down travel, nor for the timid or unsophisticated. It has become more varied and adventurous, active and intelligent. And in these turbulent times, when we’re looking for the reassurance of curated travel advice, clearly established cost and back-up plans, there are even more reasons to consider a tour.

A tour holiday provides an up-front price, which avoids unhappy surprises in a world where travel costs are projected to rise thanks to inflation, staff shortages and post-COVID restructuring. Some of the nations with the highest inflation – such as the US, Italy, Switzerland, Greece and Turkey – are big tourist destinations….

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