Friday, August 19, 2022
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North Korea is the Country Most Infested With Scammers

Crypto crime in North Korea hits the top of the charts. Finally, they win at something. Yay!

Crypto Crime – Gold Medal

North Korea now leads the world in crypto scams. This is according to a new study by  Coincub.

Authors of the report say, “An army of approximately 7,000 hackers has raised funds for the DPRK through a series of profitable cyberattacks. North Korea has over 15 documented instances of crypto crime, with proceeds conservatively estimated at $1.59 billion.”

Crypto Crime – Silver Medal

Following close behind is the USA. The second-place medal was won due to the scale of its underground crypto economy. Plus, multiple high-profile scams have taken place in the country. Says Coincub, “The U.S. had 14 documented instances of attributable crypto crime, with proceeds over $2 billion.”

Crypto Crime – Bronze Medal

The bronze medal goes to Russia. Authors of the study say, “The sheer amount of ransomware coming…

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