Friday, August 19, 2022
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Graphite has a huge role to play in the renewables future… but why hasn’t the market realised it yet?

  • Experts say there’s a chance graphite could become a better play than lithium, so why hasn’t the market caught on yet? 
  • Maybe ‘cos 99% of battery graphite production is concentrated in China….
  • But some say graphite is the next battery mineral to take off 


Most people are familiar with graphite because of its use in the humble pencil or in refractory (‘heat resistant’) bricks, but the critical mineral has a far greater and much more important role to play as we shift towards a low-carbon economy.

Graphite flies under the radar when discussing lithium-ion batteries but an EV battery contains around 50kg of the stuff, around 10 times the amount of lithium required, so it’s playing a huge part in decarbonisation by way of energy mobility through batteries.

It is the -100-mesh product (also known as natural graphite concentrate), used in the production of spherical graphite for…

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