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“I’m a nobody, but God has blessed me with such amazing favour” — Salt&Light

A bed of colourful flowers stands out as it rests on a vast grassland with shades of green that complement the backdrop of steep mountains and an azure sky.

The ripples of a pastel blue stream are accompanied by the rustling of trees by the riverbank.

The beauty of his homeland amazes him, and Byamba never tires of painting Mongolia’s lush landscapes. Photo courtesy of

Such scenery from the paintings ‘Quiet Morning’ and ‘Along the River’ are artist Byambajargal’s interpretations of Psalm 23’s “green pastures” and “quiet waters”, which King David the Psalmist uses as metaphors for God’s providence – except that his paintings depict the magnificence of the landscapes of his homeland, Mongolia.

Byamba’s ability to paint scenery so realistically stems from how he views God’s creation. Photo courtesy of

However, the beauty of his works belie the arduousness of his journey to…

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