Friday, August 19, 2022
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Letters to the editor: June 28: ‘Remember the days when passengers clapped after their pilot landed on the tarmac…? Now, they clap if the plane takes off.’ Airport chaos continues, plus other letters to the editor

Air Canada planes are parked at Toronto Pearson Airport in Mississauga, Ont., on April 28, 2021.Carlos Osorio/Reuters

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Fight for your rights

Re The End Of Roe V. Wade Is The Searing Legacy Of Trump’s Presidency (June 25): In a country that fervently protects its constitutional rights despite sometimes tragic societal implications, it is shocking to see that the rights of American women to privacy and control of their bodies no longer exist.

Politics overtakes precedence when a woman can be criminalized for seeking safe reproductive care. When legal rulings dictate that the mental and physical health of a woman carrying an unwanted pregnancy is of no importance. When policy carries no regard for the lives of children born into situations where they are unwanted.

This needs to be a call to action for American women. To stand up for women’s constitutional rights to…

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