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Alleviation of Chronic Osteomyelitis | DDDT


Due to the development of the transportation and real estate industry in recent years, the incidence of fall injuries and traffic accidents is increasing year by year. Such patients are often seriously injured, with open fractures of limbs. As the wound is exposed and often complicated with bone defects, infection and delayed healing are prone to occur during treatment, resulting in chronic osteomyelitis (CO).1 There are dead bones and dead spaces with poor blood supply at the lesion site of patients with CO, which has greatly hindered its treatment.2 In terms of CO treatment, complete debridement is required to remove dead bones and dead space. While it is effective in removing dead bones and significantly reducing the amount of bacteria in the focus, it can also cause a large number of bone tissue defects, which will reduce the stability of bones.3,4 In addition, an unsatisfactory bactericidal effect by antibiotics at the…

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