Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Turkish, Mongolian scientists trace Ilkhanid palace in Turkey’s Van

Turkish and Mongolian scientists are working to find the remains of a summer palace and settlement thought to have been built by the Mongol Ilkhanid State ruler Hulagu Khan in the Çaldıran district of eastern Turkey’s Van province in the 1260s.

A team of five, comprising of Ankbayar Danuu, director of the Turcology Research Institute within the National University of Mongolia, together with a historian, archaeologist, art historian, Sinologist and Turcologist, have launched an attempt to start a study in Van, with the contribution of Izmir Katip Çelebi University Turkic Studies Application and Research Center Director professor Şaban Doğan, upon information in historical sources that Hulagu Khan built a summer palace in Çaldıran between 1260-1265.

In this context, a team of eight experts, including Turkish and Mongolian scientists, have started archaeological surveys on the Çaldıran Plain under the leadership…

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