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If we had to sum up Ilias Iliadis in one word, it could be passion. If we did the same with Marko Spittka, the word would be wisdom. If we were to broaden the rules of the game and combine both, we would get humour, vehemence, experience, work and success. Okay, imagine if these two men were to work together.

Spittka is not a man who goes unnoticed. For thirteen years, the German was the coach of the Austrian team and his shouts left thousands of fans deaf all over the planet. He is an expansive, direct man, judo in its most explosive version but that is the public image, or the one remembered by those who have only seen him in action for a couple of fights. At short distances, Spittka has an elaborate, calm and didactic speech. Since February, he has been the Sport Director of the Uzbek team. 

“I have an excellent relationship with the president of the federation,…

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