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-63kg: The Office /

Of all the favourites, Nami Nabekura had the most peaceful ordeal, at least until the final. The Japanese didn’t do anything special, like the Korean Lee in -81, just win, which is what it’s all about, in a serious way, without leaving the elaborated plan. Two fights, two clear, professional victories, and the final against the Israeli Gili Sharir. Third in the last European Championships, Sharir is growing, slowly but surely. In Mongolia she was covered up, there were other better-ranked candidates, as if she wanted to cause a surprise and spoil the party of the others. The plan worked, but on their last date she couldn’t go modest, not against a Japanese woman.

Nabekura (JPN) didn’t tremble, she didn’t even break a sweat. She was far superior from the start and Sharir (ISR) was never able to lay the foundation for her judo. For the Japanese it was like going to the…

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