Friday, August 19, 2022
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Keldiyorova Marks the Spirits /

In -52kg category, the competition seemed well underway for Gefen Primo (ISR) who, since her victory at the Paris Grand Slam in 2021, was looking for a gold medal. Things looked even better after the elimination of the reigning world champion, Ai Shishime (JPN), who did not think she would be struggling as she was against Yerin Jung (KOR). With three shido against her, Shishime was not even qualified for the second round.

In the semi-final, Primo was unfortunately unable to do anything against Alesya Kuznetsova (IJF) who applied with rigour and precision an unstoppable armlock for ippon. In the second part of the draw, we followed with pleasure the competition of the young Uzbek Diyora Keldiyorova (UZB) who has come a long way since her cadet world title in 2015. Now capable of competing with the best, she already had two grand slam medals before her…

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