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Five travel companies run by women

With COVID-19 abating, both domestic and international travel has picked up the pace. Solo travel has also seen a big jump, and ask any woman if they would like to have an opportunity to take a few days off from the daily madness – the answer would be a resounding Yes!

Several women entrepreneurs have sensed a massive opportunity in the sector, and have taken to floating their own travel companies to help solo women on their journeys. Here is a list of women-run travel agencies that will help you curate your trip, solo or in groups, take care of logistics and ensure you have all the fun without the additional baggage of safety and security during the sojourn.

WOW Club–Women on Wanderlust

In 2005, experienced traveller and writer Sumitra Senapaty started WOW Club, which stands for Women On Wanderlust, to encourage women to travel solo albeit with the security that group travel provides.

WOW Club’s first trip took place in June 2005 to…

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