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Anthrax case reported in Uvs province, Mongolia

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According to a Xinhua report this week, a human anthrax case has been reported in Uvs province in western Mongolia.


The case is a 37-year-old nomadic herder from Undurkhangai soum of the province. There is no information on how he contracted it or his condition.

Anthrax is a very serious disease of livestock because it can potentially cause the rapid loss of a large number of animals in a very short time. Affected animals are often found dead with no illness detected.

When conditions become favorable, the spores germinate into colonies of bacteria. An example would be a grazing cow ingests spores that in the cow, germinate, grow spread and eventually kill the animal. Anthrax is caused by the bacteriumBacillus anthracis. This spore forming bacteria can survive in the environment for decades because of its ability to resist heat, cold,…

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