Friday, August 12, 2022
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Whoever, Wherever, Whenever—Everyone Has the Right to Seek Asylum

I first met Carmen in October 2021 in San Diego. She shared her story of being a successful judge in Peru who was tortured after a paternity case involving a powerful politician came before her court in 1999. After fleeing to the United States, images of her bloodied legs were used to prove her asylum case, but still, she wasn’t granted refugee status for nearly four years.

I also met Ana, her husband Rafael and their 4-year-old daughter Julia, who were staying at a shelter in Tijuana after a perilous journey fleeing threats of extortion and violence from gangs in Honduras. They hoped to claim asylum in the United States where Rafael has family but were detained and sent back to Mexico under Title 42, a current expulsions policy under which asylum seekers are denied the opportunity to ask for asylum.

These are just two of the myriad reasons for which people seek asylum. Asylum seekers are the victims of war, violence, persecution and…

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