Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Thinking of going abroad? You can now travel to these countries with no restrictions

With the news of the U.S. ending the need for pre-departure negative COVID tests to enter this country regardless of vaccination status, the country seems to be picking up the pace in the world’s race to get back to pre-pandemic normalcy, for better or worse.

In general, by the looks of the last couple of months, travel tourism has picked up in numbers and curiosity about where one can journey. While most of the world still has reasonable protective orders in place, some nations are feeling secure enough in their fight against infections and have completely opened their borders to tourists again without the need for any COVID-related restrictions or requirements. Some of these places include the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Norway.

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At this point, it is okay to travel almost anywhere, but the new norm for the last year has caused traveling to include…

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