Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Medical tourists’ entries herald return to pre-Covid-19 days

For the first time since the outbreak of Covid-19, a large group of international travelers will visit Korea to enjoy Korean healthcare and wellness services.

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) said around 800 people from Mongolia and Kazakhstan would visit Korea for medical and wellness care in group tourism from Wednesdays to September.

On Wednesday, tourists from Mongolia arrived at Jeju Airport for medical tourism in Korea. (Credit: Korea Tourism Organization)

On Wednesday morning, the first group of 150 Mongolians arrived at Jeju Airport, KTO said. The visitors will get health checkups for five days at Jeju Jungang Hospital, We Hospital, Cheju Halla General Hospital, and Hankook General Hospital. They will also visit wellness tourist sites.

Other Mongolian tourists will arrive on Jeju Island via five chartered planes in July, August, and September. Each plane will carry about 140 people.

From Kazakhstan,…

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