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Khansar ( An Old And Beautiful City In Iran )

History of Khansar

The presence of fire temples and other places of worship, especially Heikal Temple, as well as a grave stone bearing an inscription in Pahlavi Language – Middle Persian language – all indicate how old this central Iranian city is. It is said that the history of Khansar goes back to the pre-Islamic period.

Khansar county, just as other Iranian areas and cities, did not escape looting during the Mongol invasion of the country and suffered massive damage. But, almost 300 years later, during the Safavid era, the city was redeveloped and witnessed great cultural, artistic and industrial progress.

The construction of carpet-weaving workshops and the revival of vase pottery and other arts and crafts date to this era.

Khansar’s Nature and Climate

Khansar is 2250 meters above the seal level and has a pleasant climate. It enjoys a diverse vegetation and is home to different fruit trees including walnut, almond, plums and…

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