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Gone the way of the cyclo? Khmer tuk-tuk not finished yet, say drivers

He said he gets regular calls from travel and tourism companies to transport passengers. He is paid 80,000 riel per day, but some generous passengers tip him well, meaning he sometimes earns 100,000.

On Charles De Gaulle Street in Siem Reap, Men Nak was sitting in his tuk-tuk, patiently waiting his turn to take passengers from a hotel to the temples, markets and attractions of Siem Reap.

The 38-year-old man, who has been in the business of transporting passengers for almost a decade, admitted that Cambodian passengers prefer the Indian-style ‘pass-apps’, but foreign tourists still favour the traditional tuk-tuk.

“I am starting to see the return of foreign tourists, but there are still not many,” Nak told The Post.

Nak – who depends on tourism for his income – said that despite his regular spot in the queue of tuk-tuks at the hotel, it was sometimes a few days before it was his turn to take passengers.

“Before Covid-19, I had…

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