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Meet former oncology nurse who set up one of the most successful coffee roasteries in the UAE, RAW

“To be a market leader, you must be prepared to try and cope with the disappointment when things don’t work, think out of the box, and be brave,” UAE-based New Zealand expat Kim Thompson, 59, recalled the values and beliefs she developed after being inspired by her father’s advice to work hard.

“My father disagreed with my mother working, as he considered her primary job was the family and home. He also didn’t believe in credit cards or loans, he worked hard and managed his financial responsibilities, stresses, and disappointments privately, but he was very cautious and safe.”

Thompson is not risk-averse but loves challenges.

She didn’t grow up in a privileged or wealthy family or a family of entrepreneurs. “I felt lucky to have had my upbringing where my parents looked after essential needs. We lived in a small town Nelson, South Island of New Zealand with 30,000…

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